A Sweet Escape

...Let's share a moment of many perfections.

Perhaps, like me, you are longing for a moment of freedom, where you can express yourself, truly and completely. A sensual escape where you can satisfy your desires, explore and discover each other. 


It is my appetite for intimacy, eroticism, and desire to walk an uncommon path that brought me to this secret life. The diversity, richness, and singularity of each encounter immensely satisfy and excite me. They each carry a significance of their own and I truly cherish our time together however long it might be. 


Ultimately, I seek to make a genuine connection. I hope to create longlasting memories where two generous minds get to share a little bit of intimacy and freely live for a moment. With my seductive touch, I want to sense your pleasure and anticipation. Over dinner or a stroll around the city, I want to have stimulating conversations that will heighten our chemistry behind closed doors where you will have me completely to yourself, exhilarated and affectionate… 


I am very selective with whom I chose to see and prefer the company of mature and courteous gentlemen. Even though I tend to prioritize returning patrons with whom I’ve created deeper, more intimate connections, I am as excited to respond to new, warm invitations. So please send me one, I will love to read yours! 

Exclusive companion Sensual delight

My name is Serafina, the very definition of elegance, exoticism and sensuality

You will find I am genuine and easy going. I will brighten your day with beauty, excitement, and complete dedication.


Many of my interests include reading, photography, all things culture, music, and travelling.  I also believe in doing whatever you do, with a heartfelt conviction. This mentality and outlook are reflected in my work and life.


When it comes to physical appearance, I believe less is more. I always present myself in an elegant manner, chic with light makeup as to let my natural beauty shine. The awe in your eyes when you unravel me and discover my soft chocolate skin and luscious curves! Then I will reveal myself to you some more… 


Whether we are already acquainted with or waiting to happen our time together will quickly transform to romance and pure desire.

The highly seductive side of my personality may just become your new addiction! 



Yours to be soon,



YourSerafina, Ebony Escort

Your Serafina, all rights reserved                                      

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