Didn't you retire? Your website was shut down...

Yes, I was on hiatus! I have been on an exclusive arrangement and travelling with a fine patron in addition to pursuing personal affairs. It has been a wonderful year of discovery, wanderlust, and growth. I am sorry if you have tried to get in touch and did not hear back from me. But I hope you are as excited to see me back as I am! I assure you I am still as lovely and only got better with time, come to see for yourself ;)

Where can I meet you? Are you in Montreal? 

You can meet me in Montreal 1 or 2 weeks/month, where I have access to a few spaces to host you. I am also available in the Maritimes, ON, and US. Please refer to my Schedule to know exactly in which city I currently am. You can always invite me to join you if I am not in your city. Send me an email with your dates and I'll let you know. 

What services do you offer?

If you are looking for a list of services, acronyms or a "menu", I am unfortunately not the one for you. I consider myself a safe GFE provider. This means to me that I will be affectionate and open minded with you. Every person is different and many factors will play in how our encounter goes. Hygiene is very important to me and a fresh breath, clean body, and good manners and respect will make me more attracted to you. If there is something specific you enjoy, please let me know in advance... I am request-friendly and love to please.


 *Please note I do not partake in ANY unsafe play.

What is screening, how do I pass it?

Screening is absolutely necessary and we can’t meet if you don’t get verified. It is strictly to maintain a degree of safety and also to make sure we’re compatible. I am verified (ID, non-blurred photos, etc) on the sites I advertise on and have an online reputation to maintain as a companion. Going through screening demonstrates your understanding, respect, and good faith to establish a comfortable meeting. I require one or a combination of the following:


  • A reference from an established companion (email address or website)

  • Your LinkedIn profile or a link to your company webpage showing your profile).

  • An email from your work email - I’ll give you a random sentence & a “clean” email address to email me at (one not tied to any companionship website).  

​I assure you discretion is paramount as I expect the same. Your information is safe, used for verification only and destroyed as soon as we set a date. I don’t keep any data so we can both be safe.

How much notice do you need?

Preferably 24-48h. You can try same day appointment (specially if we’ve already met) but with screening and scheduling I might not be able to accommodate you. Also remember, I am prefer exclusivity and choose carefully whom I spend my time with. Let’s make our encounter count!

So…How do I give you your donation? 

I know this can rather feel awkward, so don’t be! Here’s how to:

  • in-call: place the envelope with the donation on the counter within the first 5 minutes of your arrival; I will discretely count it before you leave. 

  • out-call: please leave it out in plain sight, or on the counter in the bathroom of your hotel room. For dinner dates please have the donation in an envelope along with a card (like a  birthday card), or in a small gift bag. I don't want to have to ask you for it as it will kill the mood. Also, Publicly providing explicit details of our date is strictly unacceptable and will result in the immediate termination of our date. 

Donations are strictly a gift in appreciation of my time and companionship.

Do you see couples, what about duos?

I love seeing couples. Invite me to your hotel or come to one of my private space. You both need to communicate with me through email to make sure we’re all on board and leave out any miscommunication. Please add 100/hr to your donation. 

As for duos, my partners are as delightful as I am and we could make your fantasies come to live. Ask and you shall receive.

Tell me more about deposits and cancellation 

A 25% deposit will be required for bookings outside of Montreal, Halifax, and if you are flying me to you. In the unlikely event I have to cancel your deposit will be fully refunded and I will do my best to find you a suitable replacement should you wish to.


A 25% cancellation fee will be expected should you cancel our meeting with less than 24hrs notice. Just like with any consultant or service provider, my time is precious. It is only polite that you compensate me if you take up my time for a rendezvous and you don’t commit. I could’ve used that time with another patron or for my personal life, by cancelling last minute you’ve created a loss.


You will not get booked with me again until paid.

How do I pay those fees?

I accept Paypal, Online Gift Cards* for the following stores: Amazon, Visa, Apple

*Canadian online stores only. I also have a Delivery Code wishlist where you can get items of similar value (25% of the donation) from. 

What are your rates for exclusive or extended or travel companionship?

I love to accompany you on your business trips or vacation. You will need to take care of my travel fees and accommodation. Besides the rates for Canada & US listed on my details page, if you wish to have have me for a longer dates, or just have me to yourself for a while, please send me an email for my weekly/monthly - exclusive rates. 

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